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Electric Quilt Version 8 PC or Mac! Brand new! Full version Free Ship EQ8 EQ7

Electric Quilt Version 8 PC or Mac! Brand new! Full version Free Ship EQ8 EQ7

Electric Quilt Version 8 PC or Mac! Brand new! Full version Free Ship EQ8 EQ7    Electric Quilt Version 8 PC or Mac! Brand new! Full version Free Ship EQ8 EQ7
In Electric Quilt 8, you can. Design quilts at any size! Start with a layout from the library, or choose a pre-designed Quick Quilt project for instant inspiration. For complete control, design your layout from scratch! Choose any layout stylefrom traditional, to modern, to a completely custom design. Adjust your layout settings to make your quilt exactly as you like. Create custom-designed layouts and borders too! NEW: Quick Quilt t-shirt project and more! Draw block patterns of all sizes and styles! EQ8 has full drawing capabilities to create any kind of block. Draft your block from scratch, use the built-in grids or import a photo or sketch to trace.

The Block Library is full of over 6,700 pre-drawn designs ready for you to use in your quilt designs. Use these blocks as they are, or edit them to add your own touch.

Use existing blocks to create completely new ones with the Serendipity feature! Scan your fabric or take a picture of it, then import the image into EQ8. Use the scaling, straightening and cropping tools to make sure your fabric looks as accurate as possible. You can also add fabrics from the web! Download fabric images from a website, then import into EQ8.

The EQ8 Fabric Library comes pre-loaded with 6,200 fabrics from top manufacturers! NEW: Fabric scaling and straightening tools! Get yardage estimates for your quilt, including borders! You choose the appropriate fabric width to get the most accurate requirements. If you make changes to your quilt, your yardage automatically updates.

Printouts include the fabric name and SKU. NEW: Print fat quarter estimates! Print patterns for the blocks in your quilt. EQ uses the sizes you defined for the blocks and adds the seam allowance, where necessary.

Choose to print templates, foundation patterns, rotary cutting charts and pictures of your blocks and quilts. NEW: Print foundation patterns in color!

Are you submitting your quilt design to a magazine? EQ8 exports high-resolution images perfect for print publications.

Export web images to post on your blog, website or on social media. Link your Facebook account to EQ8 so you can easily share images of your designs with your friends and followers.

NEW: Share quilt designs to Facebook! The user interface has been redesigned for faster learning and more complete designing. Its friendly new look introduces large interface elements, customizable workspace, help tips, and guided designingcreating the most intuitive version yet!

Home Screen to Get You Started. The Home Screen is a convenient way to perform commonly used actions quickly and easily.

Its perfect for directing users to the worktable and tools they need for their project. EQ8 comes with blocks, fabrics and threads pre-loaded in every new project. Its quick and easy to delete all of these designs and create your own start-up project, with or without any blocks, fabrics or threads using the Save Palette as Default feature.

Make every new project the way YOU want it! Quick Quilt T-Shirt Quilt Project, and More! EQ8 comes with 11 new Quick Quilt projects with 75 quilts, including quilt labels, t-shirt quilts, table runners, traditional and modern. Use these projects just as they are, make adjustments to block settings and colors, or simply use them as inspiration for your own project.

The detachable Fabric Preview window lets you customize your workspace to display the selected fabric swatch in its own window in any size. This is perfect for viewing the print of the fabric in a larger scale. Create stars, posies and quilting stencils with simple-to-use controls. These new applique tools make creating these shapes easy and fun! Watch your wreath come alive with the interactive preview added to the all-time favorite tool: WreathMaker. This preview takes the guessing game out of creating beautiful wreath designs. Import Fabric: Straighten, Scale and Crop.

Want to use your own fabric in your EQ design? Take a photo of your fabric with your camera, or scan it with a scanner. Use the Straighten and Scale Fabric tools to ensure your fabric looks just the same on-screen as it will in your actual quilt. Straighten, scale and crop to the repeat!

See the Quilts Block Size Right on the Screen. Not sure of the dimensions of your border? Want to know the size of your block, motif or stencil before printing?

PolyDraw Grids No More Sticky Blue Line! EQ7 usersyou know what were talking about! This makes using this drawing style so much easierand fun! New Frame Options for Serendipity.

Several new on-point frame options are now included in the Serendipity Frame Block feature. These new options can create amazing designs quickly! Enhancements to the Project Sketchbook. Resize the Project Sketchbook larger or smaller. See the notecard information of every design without having to open every notecard.

The block sizes and quilt sizes are always available here too! The libraries have been updated and enhanced! The Block Library has been freshened up with newly colored favorites and over 1,500. EQ8 library patterns cannot be resold as patterns. Thousands of Fabrics at Your Fingertips. Over 6,200 new fabrics have been carefully scanned, cropped and imported into the Fabric Library for you. New and Fresh Photos in the Photo Library. The EQ8 Photo Library has 181. Use these photos for your next photo quilt project, or simply for inspiration. A new mirror option is perfect for fusible applique designs and text templates.

Use the improved rotation option in Print Preview to adjust the rotation in 30 degree increments instead of 90 degrees. EQ8 provides yardage estimates based on several different yardage widths and now on fat quarters too! See the fabric SKU number right on the yardage printout. New color-filled foundation patterns eliminates all confusion as to which fabric comes next when you sew by number. Print foundations in color, grayscale or no color at all!

Enhanced Display in Rotary Cutting Charts. The visual display of the cuttable piece of fabric has been enhanced. The print dialog now includes the option to calculate actual sizes, without rounding, to aid in selection of block size and final accuracy of the pattern. Edit Blocks and Photos from the Palettes.

As you work on a quilt design, you might decide that you want to make a small edit to a block. Maybe add another seam line, or another leaf to the stem of a flower. Simply select it in the Blocks palette and choose Edit Block.

This will put the block right on the Block worktable so you can edit right away. You can do the same with the Photo palette too!

Edit Design Name from the Print Dialog. Youre ready to print your block, but you realize you didnt give it a name! No one wants an Unnamed printout. Now you can add a name to your block or quilt directly from the print dialog. Design your quilts center layout, then choose to preview the center while you add borders.

Previewing your completed quilt center while adding borders helps with alignment and style choices. Design and Print Quilt Labels Right in EQ8.

Design your quilt label on the Quilt Worktable using any of the design tools and the Applique Text tool. Once youre finished, add your label to the Sketchbook. This puts a printable version of your label in the Photos section of your Sketchbook so you can print it from the Image Worktables Photo Layout. Its the enhancement youve been asking for! As you continue to add and remove lines and arcs to an existing EasyDraw block drawing, EQ8 preserves the existing coloring as you go.

Easy Access to the Library From Every Worktable. Make your workflow more efficient by opening the library for blocks, fabrics, photos or embroidery right from the worktable, right when you need it.

Dont have exactly what you need in your palette? Edit Designs Directly From the Library. Did you find a design you like in the Library?

Clicking this button automatically adds this design to your Project Sketchbook AND puts it on the worktable ready to be edited. Theres no need to locate it in your Sketchbook first. This feature is available in the Block Library, Layout Library and Photo Library. Hide Patch Outlines in Quilt.

Easier Custom Quilt Design Tools. Designing custom quilts is so much easier with the palette controls right at your fingertips. Let the block size and position snap right into place using the Adjust tool and the grid settings. Turn Quilt Layers On and Off While Designing. If youre designing on all 3 layers of the quilt, the other layers can be distracting.

Use the Eye icons to hide layers 2 and 3 while making edits to Layer 1. See a washed out preview of Layer 1 while designing on Layers 2 and 3 so you can still get perfect placement of your motifs and stencils. Resizing blocks on Layers 2 and 3 and Layer 1 of Custom Quilts is effortless when this option is checked. Type a new width and let the height auto adjust to keep the proportions intact.

Or, manually resize the block with the Adjust tool by dragging a corner larger or smaller. Both the width and height will adjust proportionally. Choose from large, labeled tools, or small tools. Tips in the palette can be visible, or hidden.

Palettes can dock on the right or left side of the screen and expanded larger to view more items at a time. Use the Preferences dialog to see all the customizing capabilities. All tools are visible and larger on your workspace for quick accessno tools are hidden in menus!

The tools are labeled to help familiarize you with each tool for faster learning. The new worktable ribbon includes helpful tabs and illustrated icons to help you make the best choices for your design. See a sample of every layout and border style before you make your selection!

Zoom In and Zoom Out. Use the CTRL key and your mouses scroll wheel to zoom in and out on the worktable.

Mac users use Command instead of CTRL. Export Images for Print, Web and Facebook. Let your quilt designs shine on social media by sharing directly to your Facebook page. Your friends will love seeing what youre designing in EQ8!

Help Tips in the Software. Built-in tips for every tool appear in the palettes along with Read More buttons for more extensive help.

Use these tips to help you learn your software quickly! Library dialogs now have a Select All button for selecting all the items in a style at once.

The name of the selected design displays in the library dialog. The Color palette has been improved and reorganized. The block colorings now stack by 2 instead of 10. The opacity of Layer 1 was increased to see more of the Layer 1 content when using the Eye icons to hide and show layers. Quilts in the Sketchbook display better and draw more quickly.

The default grid on the Quilt Worktable snaps to 1/2 inch. The quilt grid snap settings are turned on by default.

Can now export images at 72 DPI, along with 75, 150, 300 and 600 DPI. Improved update system to keep your software up-to-date. When you print a block from the Block Worktable, the print dialog automatically sets the block size to the size in which the block was drawn.

Is there a discount if Im an owner of EQ Mini software? Is there a discount if Im an owner of EQ6 software?

Can I upgrade from EQ5 to EQ8? There is no upgrade discount for owners of EQ5 or earlier. FAQ: Installation, Activation, Requirements and Compatibility. On how many computers can I install EQ8?

EQ8 can be installed on as many computers as you need, but can only be active on 2 computers at a time. If you have it installed on 3 computers, for example, you will need to deactivate 1 computer to activate it on another.

I only have 1 computer. Can I let my friend use the 2nd activation? EQ8 is licensed to a single user.

Sharing your license ID with someone is breaking the license agreement and is the same as stealing. Read more about software piracy >. Do I have to be connected to the internet to use EQ8?

An internet connection is required for: downloading, activating, periodic validation and accessing the support materials. Once you have EQ8 installed and activated, you are free to use it disconnected from the internet for up to 60 days. You will receive a warning message when you have 45 days left to reconnect to the internet so our server can validate your license. If your computer is always connected to the internet, you may never know validation is happening. Validation happens silently in the background once you establish a good connection to the internet and open EQ8. It is possible that a firewall or anti-virus could block this connection. Do I have to install previous versions (EQ7 or earlier) before installing the Upgrade to EQ8? The Upgrade to EQ8 will install the full software onto your computer, completely separate from any previous versions. You do not need to have any other versions installed, but if you do, the Upgrade will not overwrite them. I have a Mac and a Windows computer. Can I use EQ8 on both platforms? You will use the same license ID and password. Can I open other EQ project files in EQ8? You can open project files from previous versions of EQ software in EQ8. However, open EQ8 project files in previous EQ versions. Can I sell my EQ7 now that I have upgraded to EQ8? You can uninstall your EQ7, but you must keep a record of your EQ7 and EQ8 license IDs and passwords for future installations. Will EQ8 work on High Sierra? EQ8 is fully compatible with High Sierra. See the complete system requirements >. Will EQ8 run on my tablet? EQ8 is compatible only with tablets running Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. It is not compatible with iOS (iPads), Android tablets, or tablets running Windows RT. Do I need to Upgrade? Going forward, EQStitch will be a separate program from EQ8. You should not uninstall EQStitch. Continue to use EQStitch for your embroidery needs. If you want to Upgrade to EQ8, you certainly can. EQ8 will run independently and separately from EQStitch. Will there be an EQStitch for EQ8?

There are no plans to update EQStitch to include the new enhancements and features of EQ8. FAQ: Previous EQ Projects, Books and Add-ons.

Can I open my current EQ project files PJ7, P7E, PJ6, etc. Your project files from previous versions of EQ software can be opened in EQ8. You will need to save them as EQ8 projects once they are in EQ8. You can find complete steps on our Support Site. Will my EQ7 lesson books work for EQ8? Because these books are written step-by-step and highly illustrated, its the illustrations in the EQ7 books that will make following the steps a bit confusing. EQ8 has a completely new interface and is easy to follow on the screen. If you already own these books, then rely on the words of the book and not the illustrations. You should be able to create the quilts and draw the blocks by following the words. Wait for the new companion books for EQ8.

Will all my add-ons work with EQ8? How do I add more to my EQ8?

Download and install new block or fabric libraries, or get more project files designed by your favorite designer. Im taking an EQ7 class at Quilt Festival in Houston. Will the class still be an EQ7 class or an EQ8 class? All Houston EQ classes are still EQ7 classes. You signed up for an EQ7 class, so that is what will be taught.

There are no EQ8 classes being offered at Quilt Festival. However, the EQ teachers have been using the beta version of EQ8 so they are familiar with the changes and can answer questions and offer tips on transitioning to EQ8 at the end of class.

Also, any current EQ7 owner who is signed up for an EQ7 class in Houston will receive a free upgrade to EQ8. You will receive your free copy in class. Will it be only for EQ8 users? EQ Academy is set for April 12-14, 2018 and will be only for EQ8. No EQ7 or EQStitch classes are being offered in 2018. Classes will be posted and enrollment will open sometime in December. Will there be EQ University classes for EQ8? At this time, it is still undecided. Please watch for EQ8 classes on other online class websites. Will the current EQU classes work for EQ8? EQ8 has a completely new interface so the directions will not translate nicely to EQ8. You would have to be extremely savvy to work through an EQ7 class in EQ8. If youre that savvy, you probably dont need a class anyways. Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 7 with Service Pack 1. MacOS High Sierra (10.13), Sierra (10.12), El Capitan (10.11), Yosemite (10.10). This option is coming in 2018. Internet access required for downloading, activating, periodic validation and accessing the support materials. You can be disconnected from the internet for general use of the software. Two (2) computers may be simultaneously active. Activations can be easily transferred between computers. 850 MB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation. Screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 or greater. A Minimum of 1024 x 768 is required. The item "Electric Quilt Version 8 PC or Mac! Full version Free Ship EQ8 EQ7" is in sale since Saturday, August 31, 2019.

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Electric Quilt Version 8 PC or Mac! Brand new! Full version Free Ship EQ8 EQ7    Electric Quilt Version 8 PC or Mac! Brand new! Full version Free Ship EQ8 EQ7