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MONCLER X MATE Foldable Fat E-Bike Electric Bike Bicycle Folding New

MONCLER X MATE Foldable Fat E-Bike Electric Bike Bicycle Folding New
MONCLER X MATE Foldable Fat E-Bike Electric Bike Bicycle Folding New
MONCLER X MATE Foldable Fat E-Bike Electric Bike Bicycle Folding New
MONCLER X MATE Foldable Fat E-Bike Electric Bike Bicycle Folding New
MONCLER X MATE Foldable Fat E-Bike Electric Bike Bicycle Folding New
MONCLER X MATE Foldable Fat E-Bike Electric Bike Bicycle Folding New
MONCLER X MATE Foldable Fat E-Bike Electric Bike Bicycle Folding New
MONCLER X MATE Foldable Fat E-Bike Electric Bike Bicycle Folding New
MONCLER X MATE Foldable Fat E-Bike Electric Bike Bicycle Folding New
MONCLER X MATE Foldable Fat E-Bike Electric Bike Bicycle Folding New
MONCLER X MATE Foldable Fat E-Bike Electric Bike Bicycle Folding New
MONCLER X MATE Foldable Fat E-Bike Electric Bike Bicycle Folding New

MONCLER X MATE Foldable Fat E-Bike Electric Bike Bicycle Folding New   MONCLER X MATE Foldable Fat E-Bike Electric Bike Bicycle Folding New

MONCLER X MATE FOLDABLE Fat E-Bike Electric Bike Bicycle Mountain Bike New 1000W. MATE x Moncler Genius 2020 - foldable electric fat bike.

BIKE IS BRAND NEW & ORIGINALLY PACKED IN THE MONCLER -MATE OUTER BOX! The Mate X is only a pedal assisted bike but, in its most powerful version, it is to be considered a kind of motorcycle.

The limited edition, created in collaboration. With Moncler and launched through a crowdfunding campaign, also features a special "jacket" made specifically to wrap the frame of this exclusive e-bike. Moncler Genius and MATE Come Together on an eBike for Urban Riding and Mountain Exploration - Limited to 1000 units. When luxury brands collaborate, the results. Can sometimes leave you scratching your head.

Not so here as Moncler's high-end outerwear meets Mate's e-bike know-how to create an aluminum monster featuring a. 1,000W motor with throttle that can get the bike up to 50kph. This is obviously an unlocked, private-road top speed, but that's a fair whip for a high-fashion folding.

The 48V battery is good for 112km on a single charge, and it's the first 4G-connected Mate model, meaning you can customize and track your ride from your. And in the event of a theft you can Trigger Self Destruct Mode (SDM) which will render the bike useless in an instant. And Moncler's role in all of this? Some signature design cues, it brings a custom down-quilted duvet made using technical microfibre to keep your battery warm for maximum range when the temperature drops. PACE GRADE ALUMINUM AND A PERFORMANCE-TUNED 1000W MOTOR WITH THROTTLE HIT SPEEDS OF 32 KM/H.


Just adjust the saddle and handlebar height to match your measurements and off you go. Fully foldable in 3 easy steps : It folds down to a. Very compact 78 cm high, 103 cm long, 59 cm wide so you can bring it along anywhere.

Take it on the train, stash it under your desk, toss it in the car. (Unfolded: 124 cm high, 180 cm long, 65 cm wide).

MATE x Moncler Genius 2020 - foldable electric fat bike - Categorized inTechnology - The MATE x Moncler Genius 2020 brings special driving fun with a foldable, electrified. It is specifically designed for routes beyond the beaten track. Equipped with smart functions, thick wide-rim off-road tires and a large frame, it is full of possibilities. The new MATE x Moncler e-bike gives riders the freedom to discover the routes they want. From classic asphalt to forest floor up to the alpine glaciers.

Bicycle, limited to an edition of 1,000 pieces, should offer almost endless possibilities. The design of the e-bike features shiny chrome and accentuated details. Are 180 x 65 x 124 cm.

Inconspicuously there is another way: The Mate X Moncler is an unusual mixture of a fat bike and a folding bike. The Mate X Moncler makes an impression: In the test, the pure. White Fat E-Bike with the label of the Moncler fashion brand repeatedly attracted the attention of colleagues and strangers. With full support from the 1,000 watt motor, the. Unconventional bike really goes off, and a top speed of 50 km / h is possible even without a gradient.

This is particularly impressive because the Mate X Moncler weighs a proud. Not just parkas and down jackets.

Moncler Genius 2021 also travels on two wheels. Determined to explore new territories, Remo Ruffini partnered with Mate. Folding bike project launched in Copenhagen in 2016 by brothers Christian Adel Michael and Julie Kronstrøm Carton and immediately became a sales success on Indiegogo. Precisely the Danish managers who talk about the encounter with the Italian brand: «Mate.

Bike and Moncler both combine extreme needs with the daily life of the city. Has been a brand for 70 years known for its exclusive clothing and that is exactly what Mate. Bike is becoming in the bicycle sector: we are a perfect couple », assures Christian. The Moncler logo stands out on one side of the frame.

We saw an opportunity for the latest Mate X model, much more performing than the previous one. Take you where no electric bike has ever gone before.

A narrative that perfectly matches the Moncler Genius DNA and from which the idea of?? Mate, Mountain & Moncler was born ». What message do you want to send? Design drives desirability and change. Moncler is making great strides in sustainability and expanding into new categories. That making products interesting and desirable will promote behavioral change. We want people to consider an ebike not only a practical, green or healthy choice, but also an expression. Of oneself, a sign of identity - says Julie. The hope is that the elegant looking ebike will convince more and more people to abandon their cars to accelerate the green revolution ». What are the features of Moncler Mate. It is the most powerful model ever.

It features a 1000W custom calibrated motor that offers enough pedal assistance to tackle hills. Will be limited to local regulations, however, by typing in a code, in private properties and recreation areas you can unlock your Mate's full potential and can push. You close to 50 km / h.

We will also have a version for Europe that has 250 W. The ebike is equipped with global connectivity (integrated sim card), which serves both for updates and. Furthermore, we will be able to follow you from a distance and see if the bicycle needs assistance ». The new Mate X was also developed thanks to crowdfunding. Raising the astronomical figure of 13,381,963 dollars.

Crowdfunding is a tool to help entrepreneurs and creative souls to take their idea on a global scale - explains Julie. Financing continues to grow worldwide: it can eliminate the need for funding from banks or other institutions for start-ups with limited liquidity right from the start and also offers input. From customers (backers) directly in the development phase. I believe we will see constant growth in the next few years also in what is now the multi-billion dollar industry ».

Originally unveiled during the Genius Milan Fashion Week 2020 show, Moncler progressive project's collaboration with MATE is now available for pre-order. Expression at the summit of fashion and tech innovations, the collaboration resulted in a limited edition eBike series. Limited to only 1000 units, the Moncler Genius x MATE X is available. In contrasting "PEAK WHITE" and "DEEP BLACK" color ways. The "PEAK WHITE" look is a glossy all-white edition that draws inspiration from the exploration of snow-capped mountain.

Accenting details come in shiny chrome for an added element of contrast. While the "DEEP BLACK" maintains a sleek tonal look inspired by the shadows of.

Cascading peaks, deep ravines and the dark unexplored forests. Designed for both urban riding and mountain exploration, the Moncler Genius x MATE X features a space-grade aluminum. Frame paired with a performance-tuned 250W or 1000W motor with throttle that can reach speeds of 52 kmh/32 mph (unlocked). Powering the bike is an upgraded SMART BMS BATTERY. Samsung 3400 Li-Ion 48V 17.5 Ah battery with high capacity battery cells that ensure a range of up to 70 miles/110 km on a single charge.

To control the incredible speed and torque, the. Bike is equipped with reliable hydraulic brakes with and a Shimano 8-speed shifting system. The Moncler Genius x MATE X also features a 4G connection that allows for accurate readings of. Temperature, voltage and cell balancing to protect the electrical system. Along with a remote live-tracking and anti-theft system with a patent-pending Self Destruct Mode.

EBike easily folds away in seconds with three easy steps and comes with a custom Moncler down quilted duvet crafted in technical microfibre with nylon laqué. The removable cover helps keep. The battery warm for maximum range in frigid temperatures. Due to the full suspension front and rear, the MATE x Moncler Genius offers a buttery smooth driving experience.

In addition, the front suspension can be adjusted individually. The e-bike is folded in 3 simple steps, which can be done in a few seconds. The 250 W wheel hub motor provides thrust. Its energy comes from a 48V battery. This means that the approx.

Kg bicycle should travel a full 110 km on average. There should also be a 1,000 W motor. On the MATE x Moncler, a Shimano 8-speed circuit is used to switch through the gears. Frame should be able to be loaded with a weight of up to 125 kg - including the driver. With the brakes, the user can choose between mechanical and hydraulic.

Connectivity to the system is. The e-bike is also 4G capable, which enables particularly easy access. Incidentally, the maximum speed in this country is 25 km/h. Without throttling, however, it manages. The further development is impressive.

The collaboration between Mate and Moncler has created an impressive fat bike that could make many dreams come true. The e-bike is also delivered with.

A custom-made down comforter from Moncler. Of course, the bike comes with a practical waterproof LCD display and anti-theft protection. The latter goes so far that the creation with SDM.

The self-destruct mode, can be rendered unusable. Test results: Without question, the Mate X Moncler is a status symbol. Our white test model with the white, thick tires and the huge "MONCLER" lettering ensured that we could never circle around. The courtyard of our office complex undisturbed. Even worse: when the editor pushed the bike to a disused airfield for a speed test, the bike even caught the attention of the police - they never had.

Seen a model like this before. The officials have also indicated that it should not be driven on the road: The Mate X Moncler with the 1,000 watt battery and the full throttle do not comply with German. So it is a pure off-road import bike. The 250 watt version only has a speed of 25 km / h and has no lever - so you only have to pimp it up with a lamp, bell, rear light, light strips for pedals.

Spoke clips and reflectors to make it roadworthy. Tanks for sand and snow - The Mate X Moncler may be a folding bike, but it is well made and sturdy. The battery can be removed from the frame with a. Key and conveniently charged in the apartment.

On the airfield, the Mate X Moncler really showed what it can do: the bike reached almost 50 km / h on smooth concrete at full throttle, so you can get scared. Depending on usage, a range of up to 110 kilometers can be achieved with one battery charge. If you want, you can connect the cycling computer to your smartphone using the Mate.

Be made and a speedometer and other features can be accessed. But these are rather gimmicky, we would have liked more detailed analyses. To find more items you may love and save my shop to be.

Informed about special sales, new arrivals and campaigns. We're always here for you.

THE STORY OF A FRENCH JACKET EMBRACED IN MILAN THAT WENT GLOBAL. Made headlines in Italy with its acquisition of Stone Island, or rather the Sportwear Company that holds the brand, giving life to a hub of Italian luxury. Is just the latest move for the historic label, dating back to 1952 in France (the name is simply the abbreviation of Monestier de Clermont, a mountain village near Grenoble).

Behind it all was the entrepreneur René Ramillon, who with this new brand dedicated himself to producing padded sleeping bags, a lined jacket and tents with a telescopic. Structure, just as Europe was discovering mountain vacations. While the snowy landscapes were filled with tourists and alpinists, Moncler's jackets remained in fabric, worn by workers over their overalls to keep warm. 1954, when alpinist Lionel Terray decided to explore the potential of technical clothing for excursions, working with Moncler on a specialty line for the Italian expedition.

In the Karakoram along with Achille Compagnoni and Lino Lacedelli. Wearing Moncler, they would summit the second tallest peak in the world. From that moment, it was a.

Landslide of physical feats in the most rigid of climates, all while wearing the French jackets that had become increasingly manageable and light. But it wasn't until the early. 70s that we'd see the first down jackets as we understand them today: the real turning point came with the "Nepal" model, equipped with leather. Shoulders to rest skis on. Without damaging the fabric and worn by countless skiers discovering a new tourism on the snow, soon destined to become a mass phenomenon across.

It wouldn't take long for the transition from ski holidays to fashion week. With the arrival of the'80s, Parisian stylist Chantal Thomas began to collaborate with Moncler. Replacing zippers with buttons and introducing fur linings, satin, and reversible fabrics for down jackets in the city. Among the first to intercept the new Moncler jackets. And to establish them as a distinctive accessory were the teens of Milan's upper class, meeting in front of the Il Panino snack bar, listening to New Wave music on their. Vespas and earning the nickname of paninari, a style that went on to sweep the nation. On their feet, Timberland boots were paired with cuffed jeans and button-up shirts or similar. But the real must-have, what we still remember them for, were the puffy Moncler jackets in brilliant bold colors.

In the mid-'80s, at the peak of the. Of those, 30,000 were in the Milan area. The phenomenon lasted just a few years, because, as Ruffini explains, those jackets were designed for the snow, and weren't water-resistant: when it rained during a ride on. The Vespa, the jacket wound up weighing 5 or 10 kgs!

Weaving together its heritage, technological innovation and aesthetic research. In 2003, Moncler was a company that had forgotten where it came from, but it was still.

Very much alive in the collective imaginary, that shiny and colorful jacket, an emblem of the'80s, he explained in a recent interview. My initial idea was to restart from. The roots of Moncler, to remind everyone of its history, its French origins, the moments of glory between the Olympics of Grenoble and the alpine achievements. The same time, I wanted to create something'global'. My dream was that, one day, in everyday language, we'd say'Moncler' to express the term down jacket', just like we.

Say Bic for a ballpoint pen. In 2006, the Haute Couture Moncler Gamme Rouge collection arrived, designed first by Alessandra Facchinetti and then by Giambattista Valli, which was followed by the. Moncler Gamme Blue men's line (2009), designed in collaboration with American stylist Thom Browne. Then there was Moncler Grenoble (2010), with which the brand revisited. Its history, giving a contemporary spin to skiwear and after-ski fashion. Collaborations with artists and stylists followed along with new markets (above all, the line of Moncler Lunettes glasses), all the way to the Genius project, launched in 2018. "A republic of imagination" and a hub of exceptional minds operating in unison while simultaneously cultivating their singularity.

The first creatives invited were Pierpaolo Piccioli. Simone Rocha, Craig Green, Kei Ninomiya with his brand Noir, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Palm Angels, with Liya Kebede, Sergio Zambon and Veronica Leoni, Sandro Mandrino, Matthew.

Williams of 1017 ALYX 9SM, Richard Quinn, Francesco Ragazzi and Poldo Dog Couture, and JW Anderson arriving later. With this, we arrive in 2020, and the recent acquisition of Stone Island, the last piece of a great project that looks to redefine our idea of?? Luxury, understood (to quote Ruffini).

As an open and participatory universe, which thrives on community, experientiality and cultural exchanges, where communication is always interaction and where aspirations go. Beyond possession to become'belonging'. The officials have also indicated that it should not be driven on the road: The Mate X Moncler with the 1,000 watt battery and the full throttle do not comply with German regulations. The 250 watt version only has a speed of 25 km / h and has no lever - so you only have to pimp it up with a lamp, bell, rear light, light strips for pedals, key and conveniently charged in the apartment.

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  • Braking Method: Rim Brake - Hydraulic
  • Motor Type: Electric
  • Bike Type: electric folding bike
  • Frame Size: Description
  • Color: Black
  • Wheel Size: Description
  • Material: Description
  • Number Of Gears: Description
  • Engine Performance: 1000W
  • Frame Number: Description
  • Handlebar Type: Description
  • Circuit Styp: Description
  • Department: Unisex Adult
  • EAN: 4065163037832
  • Voltage: Description
  • MPN: Beschreibung
  • Tire Type: Fat bike tires
  • Suspension Type: Description
  • Switch Mechanism: Description

MONCLER X MATE Foldable Fat E-Bike Electric Bike Bicycle Folding New   MONCLER X MATE Foldable Fat E-Bike Electric Bike Bicycle Folding New